Whether you are considering making diving a part or all of your vacation while in this scuba diving and snorkeling paradise, we believe the best way to do it is with a 5 Star experience. On top of the incredible services you will receive while out of the water, the best part of your charter is what you will see once hitting the water! Whether you are visiting The Great Maya Reef, The Underwater Museum, wreck dives or just checking out the tropical fish and sea turtles, you are sure to have an experience like no other.


Because the waters surrounding Cancun are so fertile, it isn’t hard to figure out why fisherman from all over the world have made this their favorite fishing destination. Whether you are going out to the deep water or just past the reef, you are sure to have a fishing experience like no other. An well qualified team is key when putting together all of the elements of a perfect charter. Other amenities like on board chef and open bar don’t hurt either. To insure your friends will not think you are just giving them another fishing story, be sure to add a Drone/Photographer specialist who will get it all on video.


Caribbean sailing vacations Caribbean sailing holidays and Caribbean sailing vacations are among the most popular available to the general public! The Caribbean is known to have the warmest, sunniest and sun-friendliest environments in the world. Along with tropical waters and the perfect climate, it is only natural that the Caribbean is universally known for some great sailing. The Caribbean is best known for having some of the most calm and clear waters in the world. In the Riviera Maya, take advantage of the many islands in the area such as Isla Holbox, Isa Contoy, Isla Mujeres, Isla Blanca, Cozumel and more. Each island introduces more culture, water fun events, sightseeing, and on


So you are considering or have already made the choice of Cancun as your vacation destination. , and possibly the only challenge you may experience while in this vacationers paradise is that wherever you go there is people, lots of people We all like people, but too much of them can sometimes get in the way of the one on one time we so crave. Every year, tens of thousands of guests miss out on the absolute most best part of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. If you want to highlight your vacation with with a romantic outing then be sure to take advantage of a romantic yacht charter with all of the amenities. On board chef service providing delicious meals and appetizers, open bar serving your favorite beverages, jetskis & snorkeling fun and delivered straight from your place of lodging to the boat with no added effort on your behalf. Be sure not to miss out on a romatic trip on boat .. romantic charter yachts.. romance White beaches, pristine waters and glorious sunsets while in this unmatched tourist mecka


Wedding proposal, bachelorette / bachelor party, wedding celebration, anniversary, whether you select us for one or all of your special days leading up to your anniversary, we promise to give you a one of a kind unforgettable experience that is sure to exceed both you and your guests expectations. A wedding proposal on boat... will capture the romance and excitement expected when making a landmark decision. For all of our sailboat city bride/groom/bachelorette clients, we have staff standing by to answer any questions or assisting in the details of your once in a lifetime event. from wedding proposal on a yacht... to making your vows and celebrating with those closest to you. Make your event like no other by customizing activities both on boat or on water with food, open bar including mixologist, DJ, Drone/Photographer specialist and more.


Let’s face it, just plain fun could fit into any or all of the event categories, and while our goal is to create an environment of unadulterated fun, we do have groups that book us for no other reason than just having a great time. Don’t worry if you fit into the fun category because we are right there with you. The fun doesn’t have to be limited to just great on board chef provided meals and appetizers or open bar serving top shelf liquors. Why not ride along the water with your friends on a pair of jetskis or check out the underwater while snorkeling. Be sure to take advantage of our ground transportation services just in case you are planning on enjoying your favorite beverages. Our mixologists be sure to meet all expectations. Other items to consider on your FUN CHARTE event include DJ, Drone/Photographer specialist and other various water toys.


Group outings, Birthdays and Reunion events can always be a challenge, especially when everyone has a different interest. A luxurious yacht trip out on the pristine waters of the Caribbean is a fulfilling answer to each of your guests, family members and friend requests. If your birthday, be sure to take advantage of the complimentary cake we offer on your special day. Why stop there when you can add birthday decorations, DJ, Drone/Photographer Specialist and a wide array of water toys. Be sure to go all out because this day only comes once a year.


If you want to make your event like no other, then you are here by no mistake. Everyone wants their little ones who are coming of age to see how much they are appreciated with more than just words. And almost just as important is for all family members and friends to be able to partake in this event. There is perhaps no better place to take your celebration than on the Caribbean waters. An event that includes chef service, open bar, DJ, Drone/Photographer specialist, water toys and of course transportation services are just a few of the amenities you can expect to receive. With over 50 yachts to choose from, you will definitely not be limited to just one or two choices. Feel free to call or email, where one of our customer service representatives are standing by waiting to assist you.


Planning a memorable party doesn’t have to be hard when working with a company that does it every day. It is as simple as you giving us the key points and we hand you the itinerary for your approval. Whether it is a corporate event or a Retirement Party, we specialize in comradery. And with awesome service and gauranteed results, you can mix and match the perfect event for you. Amenities like open bar, on board chef service, ground transportations services and water toys come with every charter. Other items to consider include Drone/Photographer Specialist, Decorations, DJ and of course, we will try to fulfill whatever your special needs are.


Along with customized itineraries, you are free to customize your charter start time. New to our event selection are Sunset Champagne and Dinner tours. You, the customer, asked for it and we delivered. Due to popular request we have recently added the Sunset tour to our portfolio, and it is quickly gaining in popularity. The tour is a mix of our most popular tours, overlaid with the sunrise and sunset. No Matter what your desires are whether its comfort, luxury, entertainment, elegance, serenity or just dining, we can fulfill your desires.